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La Langueña Radio en vivo

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La Langueña is a popular radio station based in Ciudad Choluteca, located in the southern region of Honduras. The station primarily caters to the local community, broadcasting a range of entertainment, news, cultural, and educational programming in es_HN language. La Langueña’s programming schedule incorporates a diverse range of shows targeting different age groups, interests, and moods. Moreover, the channel is committed to promoting regional music, and often features live musical performances by local artists. The station is active 24/7 and can be accessed through FM radio frequencies, as well as online via its website, https://languefm.com/. Overall, La Langueña is a fantastic platform for the people of Ciudad Choluteca and the surrounding regions to stay informed, entertained and connected with their communities.
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Escuchar La Langueña en la app radio.net